Is this a hen?

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    Is this a hen? It has occasionally laid eggs on the weekends, but recently it has begun crowing on Thursdays?? Which is so odd since my other chickens only crow on Mondays...
    Also can you get a gender-change for chickens? I'm wanting to change one of my chickens to a rooster, I just have too many hens. Plus I think she wants one too, she never hangs out with the other girls. I just want her to be happy. How much would this cost and where would I take her to get this procedure done?
    Thank you for any advice and info, also.. April Fools :)!
    This is my King, he's pretty special to me. I love him so much! All my other roosters respect him, it's pretty neat. Happy Easter!
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    Hi Hannah
    All my hens lay during the weekends when they are off work. Usually when a hen starts to crow on thursdays it means she is getting ready to give birth to her litter of chicks. You should expect a litter of chicks within the next few decades, the litter size will be anywhere from -1928 to 2.3 turkeys wide. I hope this helps :D
  5. Finally, someone who knows what they're talking about!! :gigI've been wanting a litter of chicks for so long! Hopefully they're born before I move to my dream home waiting for me in Hawaii :yesss::gig
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    rooster laughing.gif

    So funny!
    But, scary too...I've read some weird posts like this! :gig
  7. @Hen Pen Jem LOL yeah I was worried someone might take this seriously, but I figured it's all in good fun. We could all use some :lol:
  8. I think you should be awarded a trophy for this post! You made my day, thanks
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    My AP Bio teacher actually had a hermaphroditic Rooster! He laid eggs and everything, but had spurs and would try to mount the hens!
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