is this a japanese bantam?


10 Years
Feb 13, 2009
Delight, AR
ok this little one is about 4 weeks old. it a little bantam i got at the feed store. can anyone tell me what kind she/he is? i am kinda thinking a japanese of some kind as she/he has short legs and the "squatty" looking walk. her/his feathers also look kinda ruffled most of the time. not sure what that means. anyway, can anyone help?

If you go to and look up Japanese bantams, there will probably be pics of chicks, and also links to Japanese bantam clubs where you may find more photos.

It's possible but for some reason, I am doubting it. Hard to tell.
Here is a picture of my black tailed buffs when small. Not sure if a comparison will help or not.

her tail usually does stand up but she was a little worried about sitting on my desk rather than in the familiar brooder. i think after looking at other pics and using the ones by becky3086, i do believe i have a little black tailed buff jap. thanks all.

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