Is this a Mean Roo mating too much or something more serious?

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    Apr 20, 2010

    I've read thru this website and can't seem to decide.

    We dusted for mites with sevin dust a couple times about a month ago. We completely cleaned the coop/run out and dusted everything and everyone. Everyone seemed to be doing ok afterwards. We had a PR who laid daily all of a sudden one morning was found in the run dead. No obvious wounds except she looked like she had her vent insides hanging outside. So I thought maybe prolapse?

    But now I have a white leghorn who has been looking a little skinny to me and she was fine yesterday. Today she's laying on her side, moving in slow motion and not eating or drinking. I took pics of my birds to see if this is

    1. A molt going on...they are about 18 months old (most have been laying daily throughout the winter)

    2. A rough roo who I've noticed likes a couple of the hens in particular.

    3. Something more in depth that I'm missing?

    I have a couple hens who look completely fine. A BR and a BA (same age as the rest) don't have feather loss. But the BR looked raggedy over the winter and quit laying for a month or so and then started laying again and looks fine now.

    Here's the pics:This one is the worst...but is the favorite of the roo.

    This is my leghorn who is acting "slow motion" all of a sudden...


    This one just started losing feathers


    Anyone have any advice? Thankx this is the first we're having any issues. It's been a long winter and I realize the girls' will look a little raggedy during a molt but I'm worried I have something else going on.


    This is my roos's like he lost feathers but fluffy ones are coming in?
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    1st and 2nd chicken photos look like too much roo loving, 3rd and 4th pick look like they are going through a molt [​IMG]
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    With the rooster also losing and getting feathers I would say a molt but the might be causing problems too. I would get saddles for the girls to help.

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