Is this a rooster or a hen

Emily 124

6 Years
Aug 10, 2016

It's about 10 weeks old. I think it's a Cochin, I'm almost sure it's a rooster, but I don't really know enough about chickens to know for sure. The other rooster I have is and Mille Fleur the same age as this one and it has been crowing for a while now. This one has never crowed before, it also kind of acts like all the hens I have . A few weeks back this one and the Mille Fleur had fought a bit I think, both of their faces were messed up a bit and I saw them pecking each other. It only happened for a day or two though, they haven't fought any since, they seem to get a long now. I just thought they were fighting because they were both rooster and they wanted to determine who was the boss.
I think is a rooster but I'm not sure.

I'll set your mind at ease....that's 100% male

10 weeks is just a baby yet. But that much comb and redness at this young age mean male all the way.

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