Is this a rooster


Feb 25, 2018
Morrow, Ohio
This is a Easter egger that I ordered back in the middle of may from Myers Hatchery. I ordered 20 different hens and a cream legbar rooster. But this one Easter egger is looking very rooster-esk to me. these are my first chickens ever so I have no idea. It's the chicken right in the middle that's white grey black speckled with a green tail and browns around the neck. The comb is a little larger than the other 3 EE and the tail has a long longer feather.
Ok then next question... can I keep two roosters in the same flock?
depends on space and how many hens ya have. I have a heritage breed that only has 2 hens but he's penned separate from the free ranging flock with his hens, ended up with an extra rooster of them that haven't been able to re-home so kicked him out with my main flock that consisted of 1 older rooster and 10 hens, to see how they would get along, took a few times of chicken Jail but now they are working together to protect the hens, this is not the ideal situation but they are dealing pretty well. My concern would be those 2 will be maturing about the same time, you may want to make them a bachelors pad and seperate from the hens so they don't fight until hormones settle.
Agree with all the others on cockerel as there’s saddle feathers on him. He’s very cute though!! :love

On the 2 roosters thing, I currently have 2 cockerels that had a third growing up with them from chicks until just over a month ago. The two are coming up on 4 months and they get along still with the odd pecking here and there to remind the other who is boss. They both behave around the pullets and take turns watching out for them it seems. Some days the more dominant one will stay with my special needs pullet around the coop and the other will take the other pullets to roam the property for a while. The one is pretty laid back while the other is a more aggressive when it comes to protecting himself and the girls. My flock does get let out to roam our 2 acre farm so all that space helps with keeping them from fighting as well..
Hello wise Backyard Chickens people, I hatched this chicken 7 or so weeks ago. It's an amagusadaiou, a Japanese heritage bird that was reconstructed from Chinese Lanshan and Japanese Shamo breeds. They are the largest chicken in Japan and I have no clue what the sex is.

When I leave for work in the morning the chicken rushes me and will attack(bite and jump+scrape). For the last few days, when I'm getting ready in the bathroom and playing music, it will proto-crow. I tried not making noise this morning and no crowing. Not sure if it's related as I only have three days data.

None of the others hatched and it is raised free range, no coop, with a beta small dog running around.

Is it a rooster? Or a nasty hen?

My apologies for heisting the thread and my gratitude in advance.



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