Is this a sign of EYP help

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    Hello. For over a week one of my chickens has been poohing a milky liquid pooh. The part two days her pooh looks like this. Milky with a yellow coloring. The chicken appears in generally good health and is eating lots. She may have lost a little weight but is moving fine. She eats layers pellets and does have greens and corn as a treat.
    I'm worried it's eggs peritonitis

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    Hi from further north near Durham.

    The poop you are seeing is mostly urates. It can indicate that there is a constriction of the digestive tract. That can be due to a number of things including fatty deposits, cancerous tumours, egg binding, internal laying which may or may not involve EYP, salpingitis (infection of the oviduct) or possibly ascites(water belly) linked to some of the above or other causes..

    Giver her a thorough exam after she roosts tonight. Losing weight when eating well is often a sign of a tumour. Things to check are her crop.... should be full at night and empty first thing in the morning before she has had access to food. Crop issues can also cause muscle wastage and runny poop. Check between her legs for any abnormal swelling by cupping your hand whilst she is on the roost and compare with adjacent hens. You may also be able to detect any difference in heat if there is an infection. Also check around her vent for any noticeable swelling. Palpitating with fingers is best as those feathers hide a lot.
    I'm guessing she may have soiled feathers under her vent which is often the case with this sort of poop, partly due to the nature of it, but any swelling in that area can change the angle of the body.... the vent usually overhangs the body below so that poop falls clear. If there is swelling below the vent it means that the poop catches on the feathers below, so that would be an indication that there is some swelling and to check closely and compare with other birds.

    Many of these ailments will sadly eventually prove terminal, some more quickly than others, so your course of action will depend on your financial situation and if this is a much loved pet. Some can be treated with hormonal implants to prevent egg production to stop them getting any worse but it needs a veterinary procedure every 3-6 months at >£100 a go, I believe. I understand that there is a very good poultry veterinary practice near you and they would be the place to visit if you decide that a vet is a option.
    I appreciate that apart from this unusual poop, she appears to be acting normally, but chickens will hide illness until they are too weak to do so. It might be best if you isolate her into a crate or box so that you can monitor her food intake and poop and if she is losing weight, a warmer location (perhaps in the house) may help her feel more comfortable. It may also be a good idea to weigh her and monitor that on a weekly basis and if her vent is soiled a bath and blow dry and application of petroleum jelly or sudacreme will sooth the skin and help prevent further poop sticking. You might also do an internal examination with a gloved finger whilst she is soaking to feel for an obstruction. You may find that this will cause her to release some poop, which will probably giver her some relief if she is getting backed up.

    Get back to us when you have more information and we will take it from there.

    Best wishes


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    Oct 14, 2016
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    A very comprehensive reply. I am very grateful. I'll do some checks tonight.

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