Is this a Sumatra or a mutt?


7 Years
Feb 25, 2012
Central FL
I bought this hen as a chick back at the end of February which makes her around 9 months old. When i bought her, i was buying her and another chick, and the breeder told me he was a Cochin. Obviously not, an I do not recall what other breeds she had. She has been laying for 3-4 months now. At first She laid very light brown eggs, and now her eggs are white. This makes me think she is a mutt. Her eggs are medium sized and she lays 4-5 a week. I am keeping her as a egg producer either way, but I might consider getting a rooster if she turns out to be. Pure breed. Her skin is yellow, face, beak, comb, earlobes, and legs are All black. The bottoms of her feet are yellow. She is probably 4 pounds... A little bigger then the Cochin hen I bought with her, but smaller then my Ameruacana hen. her legs have a little feathering.



Well, I definitely think shes a mix... But she is pretty, and she is the only hen that is still laying regularly. My other hens have gone on vacation. If it weren't for her and my quail, I would actually have to buy eggs :rolleyes:

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