Is this a tufted Embden Gander?

Grassman 52

7 Years
Aug 2, 2012
Ludlow Mass
I have 6 Embden Geese one of the Ganders has always had a small area of feathers that are raised on the back of his head - My question is this a "tuft or a crest" or as I like to call it a "cowlick"

Hard to see in this picture - Center Gander
If he is used as a breeder will the tuft be passed on? I think it gives him a little personality, he is the largest and dominate Gander - all others follow his lead.
Tufted Romans are a light class goose, meaning they are supposed to be smallish. If those are Toulouse in the photo with him, and they are around the same age, he is definitely Embden since Toulouse are a large class goose and he is larger than them.

Nice looking geese and I love his "cowlick".

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