Is this a tumor in the Galbladder? GRAPHIC PICS


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Oct 7, 2010
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Hope I am posting in the correct place. This has GRAPHIC PICS that may gross out viewers.

While butchering a young 15 1/2 week old cockeral I pulled out an irregular shaped gall bladder and am not sure if we should be using this guy for food.
The intestines are puffy too. I did not fast him for the full 24 hrs so some of this is digesting food?

Could this be a tumor in the gall bladder? For the size bird (small) this thing took up the majority of his lower cavity. Instead of a round shape it is more oyster shaped and very hard. All the other organs looked healthy.




I put him in a ziplock bag in the fridge as we want to find out if anyone can tell us if this is healthy or not.
Oh I thought it was the gall bladder. Yeah I am a noob. But is this normal?
The last 2 cockerals I butched looked nothing like this.

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