Is this an acceptable hatch rate for Bourbon Reds? (first time hatching turkeys)


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Aug 4, 2011
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I decided to hatch some eggs from my two lovely BR Marys (they share the same Tom). I put five eggs in the incubator because I wasn't sure what to expect, and after ten days, four looked good (one wasn't fertilized after all, so it got tossed).

I kept a close eye on the temp and humidity, and raised the humidity just before lockdown on day 25. One egg pipped on day 27 and hatched on day 28. Another egg pipped on day 28, but it was an incomplete hatch due to being shrink wrapped (which is weird, considering that the first one was fine...).

The other two eggs: nothing. Today is day 31, and so I just took them out of the 'bator. I candled them super quickly and saw no movement, no internal pipping into the air cell, no peeps.

I have read that turkeys can be tricky to hatch. Is this an expected result? I just feel badly after having so many successful chicken hatches.

I have a still air 'bator with egg turner, and I kept the temp higher (since you're supposed to for turkeys). 'Bator was disinfected before use and I only used good, clean eggs with no defects.

I feel like I did everything right? Should I just try to hatch more eggs next time instead of only four?

Thanks, all.



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Feb 20, 2008
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What temps? Humidity? Did you crack them open to see what it looked like inside? Things happen sometimes and they don't make it. You have successfully hatched chickens, so this is not your first rodeo. If I were you, I would try to incubate more.

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