Is this an Ameracana ?


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Apr 20, 2014
Gold Country, Ca
Her and her sister are from a hatchery, the others have the standard look with fluffy cheeks and dark color patterns, I know they come in several colors but she dosnt resemble the others at all. just curious what she might be? :)
Looks to me like a banty. Don't take my word for it though. I'm definitely no banty expert. I'm more into ducks, Americanas, RIR, and Silver Lace. I'm pretty familiar with most other breeds as well though.
A "banty" is a bantam sized chicken of any breed or mix. The term refers only to size.

But, to the point, not sure what you have there but it isn't an Ameraucana. Might be an easter egger but that's doubtful since the typical signs are missing. Might need to wait for it to feather to tell.
Yes she is and good luck!

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