Is this an Ameraucana?


8 Years
Apr 7, 2011
Jacksonville, FL
I was told it was.

When I bought my chicks, I got 2 black sex-link, 2 barred rocks, and 2 Ameraucanas. The other Ameraucana has the greenish legs that I've read about, but this one doesn't. It also doesn't seem to be as "fluffy" around the neck as the other. Any ideas?


She looks like my Ameraucana did, although mine did have the green legs. Has she laid for you yet? We used to get blue eggs from ours!

I love this breed, they are the prettiest in my opinion!
No she hasn't laid yet, and I guess she's a few months from that. I think she's only about 8 weeks old? I haven't kept exact track of their ages.
the second pic it looks like it has a single comb? if so I would say no it is not an ee(it is definitely not and ameraucana),
ee's should have pea combs and a muff/beard....although there is no standard because they are mixed breed..

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