Is this an emergency ?? Please help me ..


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May 12, 2010
Brownsboro, Tx.

I posted a topic yesterday about my silkie chick (she will be a week old tomorrow) not emptying out her crop and didn't receive a response.
I know it's hard to help everyone when they ask so I've been searching all the archives for information. I've learned a lot but still need an experienced persons opinion.

The baby still has a prominent crop so I separated her from the other silkies and didn't feed her for about 8 hours. She is smaller than the others and I'm concerned that she is developmentally stunted. (However, she keeps up with the others very well)

I checked on her throughout the night (about once an hour) to make sure she was warm enough and was drinking and pooping. I placed a small stuffed animal and a soft cloth in the box with her for company and warmth. (also a small mirror) The bottom of the box was covered with several layers of paper towels. Sometime during the night the paper towel flooring got wet. It appeared that part of the paper towel had fallen in the water container and the dampness spread. I had a standard one quart waterer with pebbles in the drinking part. The cloth I had placed in there was damp but the toy was dry and there was a dry area in the box. The chick was standing by the toy and cheeping loudly. I pulled everything out of the box and replaced it all. I held her for awhile to make sure she was warm and moved the heat lamp a little closer. The temperature was fluctuating between 89 and 93. The thermometer is digital so I don't know why it was having such a wide range of temps. There are no drafts.

When I checked on her an hour ago her crop still was noticeable and she was cheeping loudly again.(The box was dry) I fixed her a mixture of applesauce, egg yolk and Gro Gel and let her eat. After she stopped eating and was running around in the box I placed another silkie in with her for company. They both started drinking the ACV water and eating some of the food.

This little silkie has been as active as all the others and there were several droppings in the box before I let the other chick in with her.

I guess the thing I need to know is..if she is active and is pooping is her crop functioning ? The poop is brown and normal looking to me.

There was a post in the archives in which someone stated that new chicks' crops are always full, so, am I worrying for nothing or do I need to keep her separated and keep her on soft foods ?

I have placed her and the other silkie back into the box with the others but if that's a bad idea I can separate her again. I want to do whatever I can to help her survive.

Thank you.
I think she is fine, chicks crops are always full. They are either eating, sleeping or pooping in my opinion.
if she is eating, pooping and behaving normal I wouldn't be worried. When I had silkies I had some that were just small....some were big, maybe it's just her genetics. But if she is still eating and pooping then her digestive system sounds normal to me
That is great news !

Thank you for your replies. I just lost a small one on Saturday so I've been on the verge of tears all weekend. This little one is so spunky and she will tangle with any of the others at every opportunity.

I'll try to post a picture of her so you can see her crop.

Thank you again.

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