Is this an ingrown feather or something else?

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    I'm new to this and my polish had given me done worries over the past 4 weeks. This morning I found this scab/bump on her head. Is it an ingrown feather? If not any advice on what it is and if it is any advice on what to do?
    P.S. box cleaning day is tomorrow. Sorry it looks so bad today

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    he is plucked
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    Crested birds such as your polish, may be feather picked on their heads by other chickens. I raised two of them for 3-4 years, and their scalps were pecked a couple of times a year. I treated with BluKote spray every 2-3 days untils the feathers would grow back over the next month. They would be left alone, and sometime in the future, I would see feathers missing again. If I did not treat right away, when it was first seen, they would be scalped within a couple of days.

    Ingrown feathers can be a problem, but I can’t see any spot close enough. They occur when a feather gets stuck coming in, and a cyst may form causing a small abscess under the skin. It is treated by opening the skin with a sterilized needle and looking for the feather under the skin.
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