Is this Artemis... or Apollo?


8 Years
Apr 20, 2011
Richardson, Texas
Well.. I'm hoping someone can give me some advice/opinions..

This is what Artemis, my ameraucana pullet (?), as she looked a few weeks ago..


Here is how she looks today at around 4 months old.


The reason I am questioning her gender is that this morning.. she crowed. But comparing it against videos on youtube, it sounded more like the crow that some hens make, rather than a rooster's. A while ago I posted a topic about her attacking a fake owl.. and it was agreed that she was a brave girl. She shows no spur development and hogs treats rather than share. However, she's always acted rather dominant than her flockmates. So what do you all think.. pullet or cockeral? If she's a cockeral, she'll have to go, my mother won't tolerate a rooster around.

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