Is this baby chicken going to die? Is there any way I can help it?

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  1. Yesterday, while someone was cleaning shavings out of a feeder, a baby chicken went to stand under it. When the feeder was tipped back over, the baby was still under it. The person accidently placed the feeder onto the chicken. It stayed under the feeder for a long time (maybe around 3 to 4 hours). Later, we realized that one chicken was missing. When we checked under the feeder, the baby chicken was under it. We immediately removed the baby from under the feeder. When we looked at it, it was not bloody or anything, but I noticed that it could hardly walk or stand up. It looked as if both of it's legs were broken. This morning, the baby looks weak. It is still breathing but, it can not move. When we first saw it, it was laying over with on of it feet in the air, twitching. The baby chicken's breed is Australorp if anyone needed to know. It has been shaking/twitching this morning and we think it is going to die. It is not even eating. We all feel sorry for the little baby chicken.
    Is there anything we can do to help the chicken? These are pictures that I just took of the baby chicken:


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    Try giving a little sugar water every 15-20 minutes and be sure the chick stays warm. If the sugar water helps perk the chick up a bit offer some raw egg mixed with feed.
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  3. I am preparing an egg for it now. It seems to be doing a little better. It is eating some things (mealworms, feed) now. The other baby chickens have been pecking it, encouraging it to move.

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