is this beak something I should worry about? she can't close her beak all the way


Sep 13, 2020
This is phyllis Diller, my silver spangled Spitzhauben!
I noticed her beak doesnt close all the way. She does drink and eat. My question is, if I snip the end off what is the chance of it growing normally? Should I even bother? Her beak is lined up correctly, but it seems to curve just a tad too early!
This is the best pic I could take! She doesn't like to sit still!!!
She is the most friendly chicken I have!


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Right now I see no need for beak modification. Just keep an eye on her, and long as she is able to eat and drink, no modification will be needed.
Thank you! Also should mention she hasn't been able to wear her beak down, because of the weather they have been indoors only. Could this be the cause? Could this just be over growth?

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