Is This Bumblefoot?


Sep 12, 2020
Stafford, Virginia
My oldest girl, Brownie, isn't doing so well. On the first day I noticed she wouldn't/couldn't get out of the coop. She wouldn't walk, tried to eat, and would drink a bit. I thought she was just dying (shes 9) and made her as comfortable as possible. Today is the third day and (stupid me) I checked her feet and their is a black dot right in the center. I have been chicken keeping for almost all my life and have never had a problem with bumblefoot. I am hoping that this is bumblefoot ( not that I want it to be) and she is not dying. Advice please? She is also going blind. She cannot see my finger if It was right next to her eye. How would I keep a blind chicken? Is this bumblefoot? Going to attach pictures in a minute.
Here is a picture. It's pretty bad, my camera wouldn't focus.

It's like this on both feet.
I have a syringe that i have been using to give her water. She seems to want water. I'm having trouble feeding her as she cannot see the feed. Any ideas how i would feed her?

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