Is this coop big enough for my two hens?

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    Aug 21, 2013
    I have been reading this site for quite a while now and finally decided to get a few chickens for the family. My wife started out thinking that it was a horrible idea but now she loves both speedy and chica more than anyone and sneaks them treats any chance that she can. My question is , is this setup that I have big enough for the two girls? I started with a pre made precision pet coop that was advertised as being big enough for 4 hens but when I put them into their new home I felt bad imimmediately. So I constructed a run out of pvc and poultry fencing and this is what I came up with.
    The run is 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. We have also been letting them have a few hours each night before dusk to run around our smallish fenced back yard.
    These are the ladies, speedy is a barred rock and chica is an orpington.
    We live in a suburb of st Paul mn so winter's can be bad, can I surprise my family with one or two more or are the two I have already to many?
    Thanks for any advice!
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    [​IMG] Welcome from KY! Since you have a larger run attached, you can figure coop space at 2-3 sq.ft. of coop per chicken. If your coop (the upper enclosed part) is at least 7 sq.ft. or more, you should be able to add another hen. Chickens do well in the cold as long as the coop has good ventilation, but isn't drafty.

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