Is this crazy?


10 Years
Sep 3, 2009
Prescott, Ontario
I love a hen sitting on eggs. I love it, love it, love it.
I love it so much I often bring the hen inside with her clutch of eggs to hatch in my office in the house. The first time it took my husband till the chicks had hatched to realize there was a chicken in the house. I placed the chicken in a cage under my desk, so unless you were sitting in that seat you wouldn't know. She was so quiet that he never knew.

So he thinks I am crazy, as everytime a chicken goes broody I try to bring her on in with the eggs to hatch out in the house.

So am I crazy? If I am then crazy has some pretty cool side effects. Like your husband building you an insulated, heated, full running water, hardwood floor, 8 by 20 chicken coop as soon as possible to get the chickens out of the house.

Now I have to think up some more crazy antics for the next thing I need built. hmm, more out door pens. how can I get that built....
oh no, not crazy at all!!! I raised three standard EEs in a large dog crate in the bedroom. DH got pretty annoyed after they started making a lot of racket in the mornings. But gosh darn it, they are all laying now! So there!
Funny!!!!! I think your chickens go broody just to be inside!!!! What pampering.

I'd love to have mine in the house, but DH would have a MAJOR fit. Baby steps, right?
I'm not going to lie to you here--that is totally nutty. One of the nuttiest things I've read on this board, and people do some pretty crazy stuff. Also, I totally love it. I would ADORE having a broody hen on eggs at my feet, or up on my shelf, or, heck, on the kitchen counter where I could talk to her all the time... I have got to get some broody-breed chickens...
I've had two boodies hatch out clutches in my homemade brooder box. We had it sitting in the living room, and every day or two we would walk in the house and be greeted by the FOULEST smelling broody poop on the face of the earth. The broodies are now outside on their OWN!!
Sounds like a good motivator for the husband! Nothing to get them moving like another animal in the house
by the way....everyone uses DH....domestic husband?? idk
That sounds like so much fun. I have too many cats though, I don't think momma hen would like that! DH (Dear Husband) wouldn't be real thrilled either. You may be crazy, but I'm jealous!
Oh, you are crazy! Like a fox.

I gotta try that one on my husband. I've already outgrown two coops and now I want a really big building so that I can have all the chicks/brooders/breeders under one roof.

I agree though there is something about watching a mama hen hatch out a clutch.
randomchick....I love it, what a sweet and effective way to get a wonderful new coop!!!!!Now, to get him to build a new run.......Maybe take the treadmill in the living room and put some chickens on it??
Maybe he'll get the hint.....(And then he'll call the people with the funny white jackets to pick me up at my house....)

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