Is this egg a goner?


Feb 3, 2018
Nicholasville, Kentucky
it’s day 24 (out of 21) and 5 of 7 bantam silkies hatched right on time. one of them is a yolker because he stood straight up in the water. this one seemed to be at an angle. am i just hopeful when i see it this way, or could the chick still be alive?
*the orange line shows where the air sac is
Did you see the egg wiggle in the water at all? I do find candling more reliable than floating the eggs. If the chick has died after it internally pipped you'll see the shadow of their beak in the air cell and it won't move. If it died before that the dead chick sinks towards the narrow end of the egg, looks very black and there's a watery layer between it and the air cell with no veins visible.
OP, have you candled the egg? That's a much more reliable way to tell if it's still alive. Generally, all the eggs that are going to hatch will do so within a 24 hour period or so. I would dispose of the egg before it starts to rot in your incubator. Sometimes I open them up to see why they didn't hatch, and sometimes I don't. When I do, I always do it outside.

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