Is this enough room?


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Mar 31, 2018
I have 8 chicks all about 5 weeks old. I started them in a large tote about 2'x4' when I got them and they were a week old. Do you think they will outgrow this before they are old enough to go out? They seem happy every time I check on them but I was just curious because they are growing so fast.


Mar 25, 2018
I had a large tote about that size too, but by week two they were getting on each others nerves and getting stressed so I built a huge cardboard box out of a couple boxes that I had and a LOT of packaging tape. lol They were much happier in there. It's about 43" by 37" and they seem fine in that and I'm hoping it lasts them another week. If yours seem happy, I guess it's OK, but they might appreciate a bigger box.
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