Is this enough space for 8 birds?


Mar 19, 2016
Ok so in the actual coop not including the run we have a 9x2 area attached to a 4x2 area. We plan to put nesting boxes in the 4x2 area and if it's too small making it bigger and putting a feeder in there also. The 9x2 area is the shed where we would have the roosts and a waterer. Is this enough inside space for 8 birds or do we need to add on? Again this is just the inside, on the outside we have a lot of space and let them free range every few days. Thanks for any help! :D
It's going to be a too small if they ever have to stay inside for more than a day or two, due to weather. A coop that is only 2 feet wide is awfully narrow. It's not going to allow for much maneuvering space to get up and down off roosts.
Thanks, I no it's very narrow but it's in our shed and my dad has lots of stuff in there so it's a tight fit, also we always let them outside even in the winter. In the winter they are only out a while but I still let them out. By December I will have some extra money so if needed I can by some lumber and add on.
The main concern I have is how well the birds will be able to maneuver. If they jump off the roost, are they going to crash into a wall and get injured? I assume you plan on having the roost down the 9 foot side, and not a bunch of two foot long roosts, right? And the roosting bars need to have a foot of clearance from the wall it's set nearest. That means you will have a roosting bar running right down the middle of the coop. That's going to make cleaning a real challenge. And it won't leave any room for a ladder to help them down, off the roost.
2 feet just isn't wide enough. Either clean out the rest of the shed, or build something else for the chickens.
Ok just so u no I have $0 and my dad would kill me if I took his stupid junk away. Do you think this will be ok until late December or January? I plan on getting a piece of plywood once I get the money to add on nesting boxes outside it as on every coop pretty much, Like sticking out off it is what I mean. So then They would have a little more room. But until December I can't do anything. Is it alright until then? I've kept 6 chickens in it before and did alright I guess. I was going to add on but then a coon got in and 4 died so I didn't end up adding on when I had money cause I didn't no I was getting six more. Thank you for your advice!
Maybe start looking on craigslist or local facebook buy/sell/trade pages for some free/cheap materials. And most businesses give away old pallets. Just because funds are limited, doesn't mean that you are out of options. Just means you have to get creative.
Ok thanks I'll have to talk to my dad again but he has said no every time. He thinks it's fine but me and everyone else thinks differently. I have 6 pallets I can use but that's not a lot of wood to add on to much.
6 pallets should yield enough material for a basic 4 by 8 frame. Then keep a lookout for deals on siding and such. It's the time of year when a lot of people are redoing roofs or siding in preparation for winter. Many end up with extra materials, or the old stuff is still in decent shape for reuse for a coop. You might be able to get a bunch of stuff to finish it off with, cheap.
Thank you very much! Our pallets look like this.... they are not full.
Do you think I could make this with those pallets and a few peices of old lumber in the shed?

I suggest something more along these lines, for better ventilation.
Ignore the dimensions, you don't need a coop quite that big. It's a simple shape, and provides a ton of year round ventilation, which is important during both winter and summer.
I find, I get more use from a pallet if I break them down. Not easy. It's a lot of work with a hammer prying up all the nails. Or you can use a reciprocating saw, but that is a bit difficult if you don't have someone to help hold the pallet. The base pieces are great for framing lumber. The slat pieces are good for roof and door framing, or additional support.

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