Is this expensive?


11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
Some guy in my town wants $0.50 per egg (fertile) for RIRs.

I felt that was a little steep..
I usually pay $3 a dozen for other breeds and $5-$8 for silkies..
What quality RIR's cuz ummm I pay a lot more for the breeds I buy from breeders.

That's only 6$ a dozen... not much. Hardly more than store bought ick eggs.

I just paid 2$ a piece for marans, and I pay a buck and more for some others each.

So no, that's not pricey. That's kind of low average if he's worked with his birds at all.
I doubt they are from any kind of show winning chickens or even quality..
How do you ask someone the quality of their chickens?
Do you say...
Of what quality are your chickens? (that just doesnt sound right to me..)
It all comes down to what you are looking for in your chickens. Do you want to show? Do you want good layers? Temperament? Vitality? Coloring? And so on. If this is someone that lives near you and you can visit, then see if the parent stock meets your expectations. Check on the breeding history. What past hatches have been like and if coloration is correct for the breed. What are the generational qualities that are passed down, good and bad.
Rhode Island Reds have a notion to be awnry, especially the roosters that is why a lot of people will go with New Hampshires instead. Basically the same chicken just a better temperament.
You ask - where did you get your birds? How long have you bred birds?

How would you characterize your flock? Layers, pet quality, breeder quality, heritage quality, show quality? Do you show your birds?

How close are they to the standard - most people breeding just any old bird say HUH? What's a STANDARD?

For "HUH, what's a standard," birds - fifty cents is probably asking a bit much.

You wouldn't pay a whole lot more for shipped chicks from Ideal if you went small order. And those are already hatched.

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