Is this Fowl Pox - Wet?


9 Years
Nov 3, 2014
We noticed that 1 of our Australorps had a few spots, black spots of her wattle and maybe the top of her mouth.
Please let us know if this is likely to be wet pox. 2 years ago we had dry pox move through the flock and I cannot remember if Oreo (the photo) had it then - and not sure what to do next. Seen plenty of advice on treating but don't want to jump to conclusions on her treatment.

She's isolated and we've sterilized their waterers.

Thanks for your help!


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ive only experienced having fowl pox...which if that is what it is you can use collide silver to help clear it...
That could be pox on the wattle, but usually, you will see scabs on the comb or face too. If you are seeing yellow plaques inside her beak, that can be wet pox. Make sure that she is drinking and eating enough. Do not disturb the scabs outside of her beak, or you can spread the virus. Pox lasts about 3 weeks or so, but can spread slowly through the flock.

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