Is this from stress?

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    My Little Japaneses Bantam Rooster had a beautiful bright red comb about a week ago. I've noticed his personality has one from lively and cocky to boring and slow in the past few days. Now this morning his comb is all droopy and discolored. The picture below actually makes it look better than it actually is.

    He has a show coming up next week and I don't know what is wrong with him. He has plenty of fresh food and water for whenever he needs it. I think it may be just stress because he is a new father to 5 babies that live with him and the mom in the same pen. Or maybe it is due to all of the heat waves that we have had recently here in Eastern PA. Whats wrong with him??

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    Does he have warty looking bumps on his face, wattles or comb? It looks like he might have. That is Fowl Pox, a virus they can get from mosquitoes. It is contagious, so it may move thru the flock. The scabs or lesions will heal after a few weeks and the virus will die down. It usually doesn't kill them, but is does wear them down. There is little you can do for them, maybe put vitamins in the water to boost the immune systems. I don't know what else it could be without being able to see him better. I hope he recovers soon. I am so sorry. [​IMG]
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    I see no evidence of fowl pox on the rooster. Most likely it's the heat. Bring him inside the A/C in your house in a cage or crate. Ensure he has fresh cool (not cold) water to drink. Keep him in the house for a day and night and observe his recovery. You can feed him scrambled egg mixed with buttermilk once he becomes "lively" again.
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    No warts or bumps.
    He is in an enclosed coop so he does not have access to the outside. he has windows and a fan. The weather is supposed to be alot cooler for the next couple of days. I will let him go and see what happens.

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