Is this is a Sumatra?


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Sep 19, 2019
Ive always had this hen since she was a 2 months old. I was never told a breed, always assumed she was a weird looking australorp until she started laying eggs. She doesn’t lay eggs often, she’s very aggressive, shes good at flying, she’s loud, she broods easily, her eggs are small and white, and she has a very small cone. The person I got her from raises, both, backyard chickens and fancy chicken breeds. I think she may have mixed up her sumatra with her other breeds. She separated the fancy ones from the backyard ones. All the observations have led me to believe it’s a Sumatra. She lost the blackness in her face after a year of having her, it was after she molted the second time.


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It's possible that she is a Sumatra mix, but she doesn't look like any of the ones I've bred. She looks very game-y to me.
She doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen, she’s so weird. Her feathers and tail are pretty but her face is a bit vulture looking. She’s not meant for egg laying and she’s super agile, that’s all the stuff that really shows.

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