Is this mix I put in my feeders good,or to much?

Uncle Rhino

Aug 9, 2019
Port Orchard, WA
Since I started keeping Chickens I have been mixing 50lbs of Organic scratch grains, 50lbs of Organic layer crumbles, 10lbs of Oyster shell locally sources,as well as food grade diatomaceous earth. Not only fill the feeder that are in the coops, but also scatter it around so they can scratch in areas where I put out 5 gallon waters(8) of these and a couple 2 gallons as well. For a treat or to get them to come in from the Fields I bribe them with meal worms sometimes berry's, or bread as well.Is this a proper diet for my flock?
What is the protein percentage in your layer ration? 16% is the daily minimum requirements for mature hens, and most layers contain that. If you are mixing it with a lower protein scratch grains you are gonna end up with protein deficiencies. Scratch is a treat and should be used for behavioral enrichment.

Oyster shells should be offered free choice in a separate bowl. DE is a respiratory irritant, and does nothing for the chicken.
All good advice! Feed a good balanced fresh feed, with oyster shell on the side. Scratch is a treat only, offered in tiny amounts occasionally. DE is bad for you and your birds to inhale, leave it out!
Treats are just that, not to be fed in excess.
An all-flock type feed, 18% to 20% protein, with that separate oyster shell, works for all the birds, laying hens and everyone else, all year.

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