Is this molting, mites or lice or something else?

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  1. bonder

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    Jul 2, 2010
    I realize a picture would be most helpful in this situation. I'll try to get one soon. Until then...

    Quite a few of my birds are losing some of their regular feathers and getting downy looking feathers instead.

    They chickens were hatched July 2010 (5 months). They never went through a molt this fall because we added supplemental light but not heat. I have not added any new birds to the flock.

    The breeds are varied but I first noticed this with my Turken roosters. Some of my hens are having the same problem now.

    Their combs look ok but not great. Definitely not bright red but not pink and not ashy. Some of my birds with the big pointy combs have a little discoloration at the top (orangish-red).

    Egg production is constant and/or increasing.

    Temps here are around 10 degrees outside, cool in the coop but not cold. Eggs will freeze if in the nest boxes along the outer wall but not on the inside wall.

    The birds seem to be dust bathing more frequently. I just added more wood shavings yesterday. We do the deep litter method.

    I looked at a couple of birds, under their feathers and didn't see bugs or any signs of trauma.

    We do have too many roosters for the number of hens we have, so it could be picking. However my Turkens are the biggest (and sweetest) in the flock and they were the first to experience the feather change.

    We do have wooden nest boxes but the hen who keeps trying to go broody has her regular feathers.

    Like I said, I'll try to get pics up but hopefully this will give you a start...
  2. Sooner

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    Mar 22, 2009
    Without a picture I can't be much help. I would look around the vent for signs of bugs. You might also just serch pic's of molting birds so you can compare, If I remember correctly my birds didn't molt on their first winter......hopefully someone else will come along soon.
  3. chickendude

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    Jun 4, 2009
    Dutchess County NY
    I'm not sure it is a molt, simply because they are only 6 months old. Sounds like possibly picking. But as already mentioned pictures are a big help here.

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