Is this molting or something serous


5 Years
May 24, 2014
hello all

Sorry to be a bother but I have a golden comet hen that has me a little worried

now my girls seem to be molting judging from the amount of feathers and the general disheveled state they are in but this one girl has me worried. She has some very large bald patches on her wings and back

Here you can see the wing patch

close up

These pics were taken a few days ago since then the bald spots seem to have gotten larger

The hen doesn't seem bothered by them, I haven't seen anyone pecking at her or anything like that, she seems to be laying normaly and is eating fine. there doesn't seem to be any redness to the skin either.

we are burning some pin so they can have fresh clean bathing ask in case its a mite problem so it wont spread. but she doesn't seem bothered

What do you folks think is this serous or just a rough Molt? could it be weather related the summer here has been hotter then usual lately.

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