is this molting????>

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  1. My broody that sat on eggs that never hatched finally got over it... whew!!!!! then two weeks later I am seeing feathers here and there.... Two days ago I saw a TON of feathers... hmmmmm..
    I have not had the luck of having a beautiful hen have a molt before. They are a year and a half. Please tell me this looks like a molt to you???? I hate to laugh, but it is sooooo darn funny. I feel so bad for her, but it looks so hysterical...


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    That's a full blown molt where she has blown most of her feathers at the same time. Some molt gradually others do the completely bare naked molt. Always felt bad for those who molted that way late in the year. It is amazing how rapidly their feathers regrow when it is cold.
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    Yup. Sure is a molt. Reminds me of when my hen Megatron lost her feathery pantaloons overnight. NOT a nice look. I worried about her getting cold, but could hardly knit her wool underpants. [​IMG]
  4. This morning she has 1/2 of what the photos show!!! the poor girl. oh she does look so darn funny. I am worried the others will pick at her little stubbles and her being cold. What can I do for her except isolate her? She is already being picked on because she just came out of the 'broody house' and they were mad. Should i keep her inside to keep her warm? it was 55 last night and 65 in the day. Poor Angel!
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    She can handle the weather. Don't worry about that.

    You are actually lucky with her. Different chickens molt at different speeds. The fast molters like that one will be back to laying eggs in a couple of months. The slow molters can take four or five months to finish a molt and get back to laying eggs.

    These links talk about molting and have some sketches. You might be interested.

    Mississippi State describes molting

    Kansas State feather loss
  6. WHAT???? no eggs when they molt... oh Heavens NOOOOOO!!!! what are my customers going to do?????? holy cow, they DEMAND eggs weekly! they will chase me out of town if they cant get their fix!!!! [​IMG]

    Well, that just means I need to get more chickens. End of story. [​IMG]

    Just kidding, I still love her to death even if she never gives me another egg. [​IMG]

    poor girl....


    Great information site! thanks.
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    Quote:Omg I have a pullet named Megatron too! This is her with Spaghetti in the background [​IMG]

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    Yup. Looks like she's molting. [​IMG]
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    The first molt I experienced (not me my chickens) directly followed a broody session too. I think the sudden hormone change (or maybe the nutritional change, since broodies don't take good care of themselves) must sometimes bring on the molt. [​IMG]

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