Is this nesting or something else?


Mar 11, 2010
today my goose has been sitting down a lot near her water bowl. She is acting normal and flying around but has been doing a lot of sitting and preening. a week ago i saw her starting to build a nest so i was wondering if this is just nesting behavior? she is 4.5 months old so starting to get ready to lay.
has anyone ever seen this in a goose before they lay eggs?
she is a production toulouse. the strange thing is she was doing the nesting thing a lot yesterday and hasn't done it at all today
That is what my African goose did untial see finally laid her frist egg. She would just sit in her lil nest she made for the whole day, not laying a egg or anything. The next day she wouldn't even look at the nest. She did this for about a week off and on and then one mron she laid her frist egg. now she laies one every other day

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