Is this normal chicken behavior?


Aug 1, 2017
About 3 weeks ago I found half eaten mouse in my barn.About week later found another one.Yesterday I watched 1 of my hens go into barn and get perch up above where I found mice.It seemed a little odd to me that she was just sitting in there while rest of flock was roaming around yard.I could see her thru my bedroom window so every so often I would look out to see what she was doing.After about 3 hours of sitting perfectly still she swooped down out of my sight.I could hear her making all kinds of squaking noises(like she was laying giant egg).When I went down to see what was going on.I found her eating guts out of mouse she just caught.I have never seen chicken kill something bigger then grasshopper.Is this normal behavior for chicken? She is white leghorn and the smallest of all my hens.
Pretty normal, chickens are omnivores. It’s good rodent control make sure coops are tight and don’t use poison for mice that they might ingest.
Thanks, Its been a while since I put poison out for mice.I won't put any poison out for sure now.

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