Is this normal rooster behavior or is he sick?

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Hello all you knowledgable chicken lovers,

I just got my FLOCK! on Monday.... moving them from Flagstaff to St. Johns. They seemed fine. Tuesday morning at exactly 0525 Samson( the rooster) woke me with his crowing. They fed and ate well. Got one egg around noon time from one of the 4 pullets.

Wednesday I was awakened again by crowing. And also some crowing during the day. 2 more eggs. I've had no eggs since Wednesday afternoon but figure the ones I got were already "on the conveyor belt" and now they have shut down due to the stress of the move? They all seem very calm and inquisitive when I come around. Not scared.....

Since then Samson has been relatively quiet. Did crow yesterday in the PM but has not awakened me since (and the coop/pen is on the otherside of my bedroom wall).

Today, I caught Samson "napping" on his feet in the pen. And later he was napping "lying down" outside. His head was still upright and he awoke when he heard me..... I've seen him eating and drinking today normally.

Is this normal behavior for a cockerell? All my FLOCK! were hatched this spring. So far, Samson has ignored the pullets so I'm guessing his hormones are not in gear yet....

Am I overly concerned?

Mr. Grandcanyon
It all sounds fairly normal to me. Could he have been dust bathing while laying down? Unless he seems very slow and sluggish it sounds normal.
As far as not crowing as much, I had a roo take a break from crowing when another cockerel took charge. Any chance there has been a disturbance in the pecking order?
Thanks for the prompt replies...

No change in the "pecking order". Only Samson.... the other's are pullets and he was kept with 2 of them when I got him. The other 2 pullets were kept in an adjoining pen. The hens are getting along just fine.

The lack of crowing..... I feel slightly guilty about since the second morning I uttered several prayers heavenward to have Samson "BE QUIET!" The next morning (Thursday) when he did NOT crow, it worried me! Today is the only day without ANY crowing... and I've been here all day except about 30 minutes.

They are all eating well.... gave them an apple cut up today and they gobbled it up. They are drinking lots of water...... So maybe I'm seeing normal "I'm feeling lazy since you won't let us OUT!" behavior. The food is Purina Layena which is what they were getting prior to me. I "treat" them each evening with about 1/4 cup of "scratch". I shake the cup and they are starting to anticipate their treat!

I've not let them free range yet..... When I open the pen door to check their feeder, they all come marching over with this look of "Finally! You are going to let us out!".... but I don't. In their prior home they had a HUGE place to roam.

I'll report more later.....
I wish I could believe it was the sounds. I live out in the middle of NOWHERE! The only sounds are the occasional passing jet airplane.

Update: I got brave and let them out to FREE RANGE for about 45 minutes tonight. Looked like a 10 year old kid on their first trip to Disneyland! The pullets jumped around, flew for short bursts, found crickets, ate green weeds and generally had FUN!

Samson went out to.... and I'd like to think it was just looking "regal" but he was much more reserved than his harem. He was interested, found stuff to peck at, but never flew and seemed much more "mature".... like Grandpa in Disneyland!

Thankfully, as it got dark, they all quietly went back into the pen and then the coop. So they know where home is so I'll let them out tomorrow near dusk too.

Now if Samson would only WAKE ME UP again....
They all look normal. Samson's comb is the same color of red as when I picked him up.

I've let them out at noon today. The pullets are having a ball. Samson is much more reserved. Interestingly, they all are facinated being under my front porch. Rarely venture out past it. Hope they get bored with that place soon....

In the first 48 hours they were here I got 3 eggs. Since the last egg on Wednesday last week, none. I'm guessing that is from the stress of the move. Hopefully being allowed out will help them feel normalized. I was pleased that last evening as darkness fell, they all 5 went back into their pen and then the coop! Couldn't ask for better behavior.... except I'd give anything to hear Samson crow again!

If you use the deep litter method, use your hands or a plastic rake and fish around under the litter. They may be burying their eggs in the shavings.

I put my ducks and chickens to bed together in a covered dog pen (still waiting for hubby to build a coop and run) and every morning i have to fish around under the shavings for eggs. They have dug out a "nest" hole in the floor of the pen and lay their eggs there and use the shavings to cover the eggs.

I have no idea why they do this. Other hens I have had in the past just laid their eggs in their favorite spot without burying.
The first egg I got was in the middle of the small coop. The next 2 were in separate nesting boxes. I found them at the same time but don't want to speculate if the girls decided to do it at the same time! All 3 eggs were sitting out in the open....

Yesterday I did a good cleaning and dug around in the straw and found nothing but poop.

I keep looking!

Now why won't Samson crow? He clucks softly to his FLOCK! but no crowing.....
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