Is this normal?

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    Feb 6, 2016
    This is my first year to ever have chickens. I have 31, most pullets however we just purchased 13 layers. I have full confidence that they were laying when we got them as our kiddos are the ones that checked eggs for these people. Anyway,we brought them home and at first got 9 eggs a day and as of the last 3 days are only bringing in 4 eggs per day. Is this normal behavior for this time of year? I'm getting flustered and wondering if they're all ready for the stew pot. =\ BTW,These are 4 rhode island reds and 9 isa browns. I was really hoping for 10-11 eggs daily from them. =(

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    Production usually wanes as the days get shorter, by the end of Oct, you may not be getting many at all. Picks up again in Feb. That's why many folks (myself included) provide supplemental light. Do a topic search for more info on that.
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    I agree with the above poster.

    Chickens also get stressed by change and it is very common for them to stop laying a few days after arriving in a new home. The eggs that are still in their system have to come out of course, so initially, you continue to get eggs and then it gradually slows down.

    If these adult chickens are over a year old (ie.16-18months) they will be starting their first adult moult soon too, if not already, so that will knock them off laying.

    As stated, it could be several months before you see egg production start to pick up from these girls and it may go down further before then.

    There is a good reason why commercial egg producers clear out their layers en masse at this age, as it is just not economic to keep them whilst they moult. That said, these girls should have several more years of good production in them and their eggs will get bigger with successive cycles, so it can be rewarding to be patient and give them the chance to come back into lay.

    Most of us hobby chicken keepers accept that it is not cheaper to have our own chickens for eggs, but we do it for health, enjoyment and animal welfare reasons.

    Good luck with your new girls.
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    Maybe getting ready to molt.
    Shorter days equals lower egg production.
    Moving equals stress which might explain part of it.
    Also, did you change their feed from what the old owner was providing? Are they getting plenty of calcium and protein?
    Chickens aren't machines, they need take breaks.
    I don't think expecting 10-11 eggs per day from 13 hens is realistic. Some hens may lay every day, but many only lay 4-5 eggs per week.

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