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    Okay, I'm the one whose been freaking out about my broody duck's eggs with lots of exposed membrane which I thought had doomed the ducklings and this is how it's gone:

    #1 egg: showing lots of white hard membrane taking longer than 24 hours to hatch - I 'helped' - potential big mistake! - almost immediately enough blood to cover the palm of my hand. Broody duck attacks, I drop egg, chick becomes exposed, I leave it with duck until morning - lethargic, but live duckling with some remaining egg yolk attached the next morning - it survives to day two/three? and is looking really perky today.

    #2 egg: shows two quarter sized spots of hard white membrane - I leave it alone thanks to "Posted 'Sticky' info" here -- (more people need to read the 'hatching stickies') REALLY! -- I do give the egg a bit of a wrap in a hot wet wash cloth (and return it to broody duck) last night before going to bed. Had wet duckling this morning (healthy and dry by tonight).

    #3 egg - I thought they were all done but another was progressing as of this morning. By tonight I had LITERALLY 1/3 of the egg bare of shell with white membrane and with definition of duckling underneath (kind of similar to the past couple of eggs), but I'm leaving it, not stressing, we'll see what tomorrow brings ...

    So rather than a 'ZIP' - I've had three with what looks like someone chipping off the shell to the membrane in various spots on the egg (but a live duckling from at least two eggs so far).

    I'm happy - I have two live ducklings - but is this helpful info for those with future hatch question?

    We need to have more 'USERS' point us 'crazy paranoids' to the " Incubating & Hatching Eggs Important Topic Index - Please Review" !!!! as soon as we as if we should 'help'? -- don't you think?

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    Yes I agree and YES it is easy to get all discombobulated when hatching. [​IMG]
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    Gosh I don't know!

    I am glad you had some success! My hatch is due on the 19th... one more week!

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