Is this normal?


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Jul 25, 2011
Durham, North Carolina
My EE mix pullet has added color in the last month. See pic.

Top pic was a month ago. Look at her head and neck then look at the bottom pic taken last week. She's added orange to her head, neck and back. It's very odd. She's about 6 months old. Is this normal?

Someone said cockerels do this but she's a she not a he.

It looks like a cockerel to me.
More pics

First pic is right after I bought her from the feed store. They said it was a she.

I have noticed those long neck feathers as seen in the last two pics. That's the hackle, right? She (he?) will raise up with her two game hen buddies as if they are going to fight but they never actually fight, it's like play time or something. Point being you can really see those long neck features when she does that.

I will be crushed (lol) if it's a cockerel. I just love this bird because she is not like any other bird I have and I really wanted to have easter eggs. My roo doesn't mess with her other than food squabbles.

If true when will he reach sexual maturity and start mating and will he fight with the other rooster?

The lack of comb and waddle threw me too.

this is my rooster
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From his feathering he's hitting puberty now. You just never know how a younger roo is going to be with an older one. My current oops roo, a barred rock, is 6-7 months and still runs from my older roo. The younger one does crow and I saw him try to mate a hen the other day.........she kicked his butt and then chased him around the run for good measure!

Some folks' experience is an older roo keeps a younger roo from crowing, etc. Some folks' younger roos hit 6 months or so and start challenging the older roo to the point they have to be seperated. So, you'll just have to wait and keep an eye out.
Took some pics today. You guys are right. Now that I know what to look for you can clearly see his saddle developing. He's such a sissy though. All the hens that were there before him peck at him and just jumps 2 feet in the air and squeals. No sign of crowing.

I think with all that gold/orange coming in it makes him look handsome and if he gets a long loopy tail and thick saddle/hackle even more so. I thought he was an ugly pullet. haha


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