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  1. I just received ten baby chickens ([​IMG]) yesterday- 5 Orpingtons and 5 Australorps. One of the baby chickens (an Orpington) fell over on it's back three times and started making a screeching (loud chirp) noise with it's eyes closed. I got the baby back on it's feet without a problem. It doesn't look hurt and is acting like a normal baby chick and hasn't fell over anymore. Was this normal?
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    Yes, they like to flip themselves over. Sometimes they get stuck like that so its a good idea to check on them pretty frequently the first few days. Eventually they will learn how to flip themselves back over again.
  3. Thank you [​IMG] ! I just got started with chickens. These are the first I have ever had, so I didn't know. But, thank you.

    Here are the baby chicks:

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    Sadly all issues are 'normal' but thankfully not the 'norm'! Some we can bring back from the brink and help recover, some we can't...Raising babies is an emotional roller coaster at times...
  5. The baby chicken that fell over has fallen over since then [​IMG]. It is acting like the other chickens now. But thank you two and all of the rest for reassuring me. [​IMG][​IMG]'s.

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