Is this normal??


Apr 29, 2015
Northeast USA
Ok so if you didn't see my post that I have 10 baby chicks which include 2 black australorps, this thread is about that. So the 2 australorps keep raising the feathers on their heads and upper/lower neck(hackel feathers). Is this normal? Their skin shows when they do this and I am not sure if that is good. The other chicks don't do that so that is the part I am worried about... I try and post some pics.

Sorry these ain't the best and they arent doing the feather raising thing but they weren't doing it so instead I put pics of what the australorps look like normally.
Originally Posted by 11ChickenGirl11

..... I have 10 baby chicks [that] keep raising the feathers on their heads... (hackel feathers). Is this normal?....

Yes it is normal. All chickens but especally the cockerels and adult roosters do this to attempt to intimidate their rivals in the pecking order. Hens do it also but because of their shorter hackles it is not so noticeable or spectacular.

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