is this normal??

Cody Walker

6 Years
Jun 18, 2013
i have a hen that is broody. this is her first year. i have a total of 4 turkeys right now. she first became broody about a week ago. she was off the nest alot and my understanding is that they will do that for a few days and continue to lay eggs until she thinks she has enough. but the past few days she has been on the nest quite a bit more. i have taken the other birds out so the other laying hen doesnt lay in the nest with her. when i took the ther birds out of that pen she had 13 eggs. when i got home from work yesterday she was off the nest so i counted the eggs again. she had 15. i candled a couple of her eggs last night and i could already see veins in them. one i couldnt but i figured that one was on of the newer ones. today she was off the nest again when i got home so i counted again. she now has 16. is this normal for them to continue laying when the other eggs have already started forming? im afraid she is going to continue laying and either mess up the entire nest or hatch a few and leave the rest in the nest to die, or leave me to save them in the incubator..

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