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Hi Everybody! Not sure if this is the right section for this, but I got this chick, along with its 11 siblings and mama when it was a day old. Mama reminds me of a dutch bantam, but she's not as small and has red earlobes. Her colors are wild type, and I figured this chick was too, until one day (about a 2 weeks ago), white feathers started popping up. I have no idea what the dad is either, there were about 6 or so roosters running around the property I got them from.
Does anybody have any idea if this is normal and what it may look like grown up? I can't anything on the Internet! This pic is about a week old. There are more white feathers growing all over its body, including on top of its head. I can take more pictures when it's daylight, if anybody wants more. It's also 5 weeks old.
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Jun 24, 2012
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Well, there's not much to go on. It all depends on what the parents are, and it sounds like you have no way to determine that. If this were on my farm I would say this would be a Red Dorking X Speckled Sussex cockerel, as the chick feathering of the RD is the classic wild-type camouflage on the back, and the SS cockerels start pushing out lots of white patches here and there at this age (it changes quite a bit with subsequent molts). So if RDs and SSs are two of the possibilities, that would fit. On the other hand, there are probably twenty to thirty different F1 mixes that could also produce a chick like this, and that's assuming that both parents were purebred. If the parents were mixed breed birds that bred together, then you might be looking at a chick with 4, 8, 20, 90 different breeds mixed together. They call them "Heinz 57s" for a reason! But there's no shame in that. Some great chickens are mixed breed birds. The only problem with them is the unpredictability of the offspring, and not everyone considers a surprise to be a problem, so enjoy them for what they are.

There is a thread on BYC specifically for people to ask what breed and gender their birds are. You might be able to get some good guesses there, as there's a lot of very experienced chicken people that enjoy that site. I think it's called something like "What breed or sex is this?" so something like that.

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