Is this not perfectly made for a coop? But expensive

That is too cute!
But waaayy out of my budget.

I'm thinking it's time for the wooden swingset to be modified into a coop, like some others on here have done!
it is expensive, but it looks really nice and I can't find anything else I like better for less $. I have looked at everything from sheds that cost 1200 to premade coops to used bob houses on craigslist (ice fishing shacks).

Truth be told we want something that looks nice but have little time to learn carpentry.. so... this is looking like it. It doesn't have a few things so the real cost will be a little more to outfit it as a coop. But, I'm pretty sure we'll have a great result.

We will let you know how it turns out.
It is on sale til the 23rd.
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I saw this too and almost talked my husband into buying it, until he informed me that for less $$ I can have a bigger coop w/ storage room.

Now the trampoline, that looked interesting!
I saw that at Costco the other day and thought the same thing-it is spendy though. If you aren't any good at building, it might be worth it!
Bouncing chickens, now that's funny

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