Is this odd behavior for a rooster?


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Feb 15, 2008
About a week ago, a homeless rooster showed up on our property and took up residence in a redwood tree which overlooks my coop/pen. He has stayed in that tree pretty much all week crowing. If I approach him, he will either fly down and run away or go higher in the tree. Seems pretty fearful of people. He looks young, no spurs and not a full tail yet.

So, today I let my girls out and decided I would just watch and see that happens. I have kept them penned up all week and they are not happy. I have 8 hens, no rooster. I am near by to keep en eye on things.

So,for hours now, he has not left the tree, he is some 20 feet from the girls as they are free ranging, dust bathing, etc. right under his beak. He is just sitting in that tree crowing and watching.

Is this odd behavior? Is this dangerous situation for my girsl? Appreciate your thoughts.


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May 11, 2011
West Virginia
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You don't know where he's been, what he's been into, and what his general health is, so there is the potential for him introducing any number of pests/diseases to your flock.

As for his behavior, not really. He's a stranger in a strange land; your girls' land. When he finally decides to come down, if he's got access to your girls, he'll throw your pecking order into chaos and everyone will have to hash out their position in the flock. It's normal, it can be ugly, but he should come out on top in the end (if they are all left to their own devices).

If it were me, and I didn't want a roo, I'd trap him and get rid of him (e.g. local farm, "free" on CL, etc.) and never let him near my flock. If I wanted to add a roo, I'd still trap him and then quarantine him for at least a month. Submit a fecal sample to a lab to check for worms and otherwise monitor his health/behavior to make sure he's not harboring something that could eradicate your existing flock. If all goes well, then start introductions and make him part of the fam.

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