Is this okay?!


Aug 12, 2019
Kerrville texas
I have a chick who is a few days over 3 weeks old.
It seems happy and healthy. Eats. Plays
Chirps. Drinks. But it has a tendency to just...fall over on its side. Not fast. It's very slow motion just kind of tilts over like it's going to sleep. But after a few it springs back up to whatever it was doing it before. I've read that they sort of just plop over and nap often. But this isn't napping because when it happens it usually stands right back up. Or just kinda lays there for a second on its side.. I keep it inside and I haven't noticed it doing any of this in its brooder.
Do I have a silly chick? Or is something off? I've been trying to catch video of it. I will post once I do.

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