Is this oyster shell ok?


Jul 13, 2015
Carnation, Wa
I rather thought so, the local general/feed store had 10 lbs for around 10 dollars, they are usually quite competitive, I found this interesting. Usually too good to be true, is too good to be true. It is also possible that the “expert” staff at TSC sold 50lbs at the 10 lb price. Ive had this at home Depot, after arguing that an item was individually priced and i had a box of them and they insist i am wrong.. I figured that was on them. And for every one of these deals I figure i got burned at least once, it probably balances
I pay about $1/lb for mine at my local hardware store.

Nope, that's how its priced here too. It's just manufactured kind of sloppy, I've found steel wool bits in mine a few times, and I know a few other members have too as well.
What do you do when you find steel wool bits!!?

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