Is This POO Normal??....

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Apr 20, 2015
st helens, merseyside. UK
Hey, i do a daily poo pick up in my chickens free range area, but my black sex link keeps having this red bit in her poo and im not sure what it is? I know its her cos the two other chickens that are with her are bantams so their poos are small. (I know people say dont mis bantam n standard but they all get along absolutly fine)

Sorry for the image but is this normal or not??....

Thanks x
Thank you for your post, i read it all and found it very helpful! She seems healthy and was wormed last week. It could be normal but as i seem to find this in a lot of her poos im gonna have a fecal fliat test done to check for coccidiosis.
Hey y'all!
Her poop looks normal. Good advice for the what's the scoop on chicken poop article @Grain Gypsy. But yes keep an eye on her, just looks like she ate some grass and she may just be shedding her old intestinal lining which is perfectly normal.
Hey thank you for your posts, i know they shed their intestinal lining every now and then but she has stopped laying altogether and this intestinal tissue is in 80-90% of her poos so im worried in case its coccidiosis, other than the stop in egg laying she seems ok she isnt lethargic which i know you can get eith cocci, i gave her some yogurt and she ate it all and iv seen her drinking, she was also wormed last week so dont think its worms. Hope it is normal, i just find it strange that its in so many of her poos. Any suggestions? I may get a fecal float test done to put my mind at rest. What you all think?

Thanks for you help xx
Hum, I guess it could be cocci but since she isn't lethargic I'm guessing not. Maybe she ate something sharp that cut her insides such as a little glass or plastic. How is she doing right now? Are her poops still bloody?
I think the fecal float test is a great idea. And it will put your mind to rest about parasites at least. Make sure a trained/experienced technician reads the slide, as cocci can get overlooked at times. Good luck!
Hey thanks for your posts, she seems absolutly fine tbh, she eats and drinks normally will eat out of my hand she free ranges just fine! Just complete stop in eggs still... although i have noticed her getting a little more talkative and today her comb and wattles look really red and she squats when i try to pick her up so maybe she is getting ready to lay again, i dont think there are quite as many poos like that now... it was all just strange to me the poops.
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