Is this really a hen?

Backyard chicks

8 Years
Jan 22, 2012
Recently I have been slightly concerned that one of my EE hens may not be a hen after all. She's about nine months old and has yet to start laying. All my other hens who are her same age, started laying around four to five months. She has a crossed-beak so I thought maybe that's why she wasn't laying, but I do give her special food to make sure she's eating enough. Recently I have began to notice the beginnings of spurs. They're still small but bigger than any of my other hens. She also seems to have green earlobes. I have some pictures, so if you guys could help me figure it out that would be great!
cross breaks are slow for everything, mine took that long to crow and he is 4 to 5 yrs old and has sprus of a 1 to 2 yr old. as for her spurs I have hens with them.

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