Is this still a hen? Do they get this high? Pictures now added


13 Years
Jul 8, 2010
Tried to get a couple pictures on here of the new turkey. Found it on top of the chicken house. Where it is at, is about 9 feet up.


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Thanks, I was at there reading how to post a picture when you put this up.
Thanks for putting it up for me, though.
I didn't know if they could get that high up (hens).

One of the dogs went over by the fence (it was our min poodle) and the turkey fluffed up it's neck feathers and clucked loud, but Gertie would cluck loud like that when upset. No gobble sounds have come out of it; nothing that sounds like what Tommy makes.

If it turns out not to be a female, my husband is gonna kill me!
Still looks like a hen. Nice hen. I had one hen we called the roof turkey. She got up there but was to afaid to fly down. My husband whould get on our roof and chase her down. That got old. We thought when she gets hungry enough she will get down. Nope the dumb turkey stayed up there for days. We cliped her wings to take care of the game she wanted to play.
My hens roost up on top of the gate. Its about an 8 foot flight. The toms all roost on top of the roost. I added some extensions so they are also 8 ft high, but they get to use the roof as an intermediate resting spot. No toms have been on top of the gate.
I have a gate that we have to keep covered. Its one of those Wrought iron gates that look like a bunch of spears at the top. One of my sorry toms just had his wings cliped and he was trying to fly and missed. The spear went right through him. He was flapping a bleeding all over. My husband got him off the gate. That was not easy. He was a big heavy tom. He is trying to save him, and I am boiling water. He was so made at me. The poor thing had a spear go right through him, and was no way going to live. He was the best tasting bird even with the injury and tragic ending.

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