Is this stuff ok?

It IS wire thats been plastic coated instead of galvanized....plastic instead of zinc, same principle. As long as its secured well and along the bottom edge it should be ok.
Ok thanks I just wanted to make sure, the original total was 353.00$ but when I buy that stuff instead of from lowes it's a lot less only like 261.00$ or something like that.
I use the plastic fencing that some places label as garden fencing and others sell it as plastic mesh/screen.

It's used to secure small spaces for various purposes.
Have you looked at the contractors supply yards for construction fencing? They have some plastic stuff thats tough and comes in different sizes. I know there is a "used" materials store somewhere that might have some used plastic fencing that would be cheap...That stuff gets expensive at Home Depot or Lowes....I only use it for small pens...I can imagine a larger outdoor set up.
I have a lot of stray dogs around plus bears coyotes foxes and coons so I would be too nervous with just plastic stuff but I'll look into it. Thank you!
Then DUDE! I wish you could make me another duck house... I'm no handy woman... I suck at anything to do with anything hardware. Just today I couldn't find a hammer to nail a nail in a wall so I used a golf ball >.>

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