Is this the genetic condition "fray?"

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    Oct 8, 2009
    I hatched this chick from a Red Star X WHite Plymouth Rock. It was born undersized and trailing some yellow stringy material which I surgically excised (no bleeding) with advice from this group. I have a tiny incubator and only had two eggs in it, one did not develop at all.
    If this is a genetic condition fray or something else, does anyone know the details, double recessive, or one parent contributing? I'd like to avoid hatching from the responsible parent. It may not show up well, but in addition to the unclosed feathers, the feathering seems thin all around, and doesn't seem to me to be a warm enough covering to let this one go outside in the frosty new england nights or col days. It was hatched on October 7th, and the pictures were taken November 2nd. So it should be farther along featherwise... The first flight feathers were visible within a day or two of hatching, but after that it didn't seem to make good feather progress.


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